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Mary Kay SPA Manicure

manicure spaAs hands can tell the woman’s age, it is advisable to keep them in a good, healthy and younger condition for long. To achieve the desired result, all you need to do is give your hands a little more attention.
With that thought, SPA manicure was developed. The treatment is enriched with hand care bringing relief to dry, rough and damaged, due to external factors, skin. What is more, top-quality Mary Kay cosmetics enable deep moisturizing, soothing and hand skin regeneration while making it also smooth and velvet soft.


There are four steps in the treatment, the first one consists of soothing and softening hand bath Then the beautician proceeds to do the classic manicure, followed by gentle scrub which removes hard skin leaving it smooth and velvet soft. Hands are also treated with regenerating hand mask that hydrates, smooths, and brings the skin elasticity back. The treatment result in natural and beautiful nail appearance. The effect is additionally strengthen by the application of a nutrient-rich serum.

Arranging treatments and pricing

You will find the complete (phone and address) contact information of our nail Studio in the “Contact” tab. Prices are specified in the Price list tab under the “City- Manicure - SPA manicure” treatment. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.


Easy Waxing Studio is equipped with modern autoclave of class B (the highest group for this type of devices). Read more in the "About us - Hygiene in our studio" tab.

  • ringworm;
  • skin cuts (due to too deep cuticle removal);
  • infections and purulent conditions;
  • allergic reactions.


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