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Men's manicure

Meski manicure Elegant hands are the best showcase of every man. They show that their owner committees to the highest quality personal image. The view of tended male fingers and nails often has a bigger impact than the most handsome face and the most fashionable hairstyle. Women admit that the touch of the well-tended men’s hands is one of the most enjoyable experiences during the direct contact with another person. For this reason, women do not hide satisfaction from the fact that men are increasingly deciding for the professional hand care and manicure in beauty salons.


Male manicure plays 3 important functions in maintaining the hand’s beauty:

  • care and cosmetic, that is, it nourishes, moisturises and rejuvenates the skin;
  • therapeutic – it protects against brittleness of nails and drying of the skin;
  • aesthetic and hygienic – it supports the maintenance of cleanness, especially under the fingernails.

Manicure for men - treatment

Male manicure does not differ much from the female manicure. Because of the harder skin, other cosmetic accessories are used. The classis treatment consists of:

  • softening and removing cuticles
  • shortening and polishing the nails and their plates
  • in the SPA version, recommended for the damaged hand skin, performing the peeling combined with the massage, and applying the paraffin bath
  • oiling the skin with olive
Male manicure in Easy Waxing

Male manicure belongs to the canon of standard services in the Easy Waxing beauty salons. Our specialists know how clear signal in the professional and social contacts comes from the tended hands of the man, so they pay great attention to the perfectly performed treatment. Hands are strongly exposed, so they must be impeccably hygienic and elegant. After all, we squeeze them while greeting, we use them for gestures during the conversation, we observe them during many daily activities: driving a car or writing on a computer keyboard.

Male manicure in Easy Waxing salons is a series of hygienic and beauty treatments, which goal is the comprehensive renewal of the skin of the hands and the nails, and the presentation of the charm and strength of the male hand. Give your hands in good hands and appreciate the advantages of the male manicure!

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