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IBX System Nail Strengthener | Nail Bar in Warsaw and Wroclaw

IBX nail conditioner

Meet the IBX system – a modern alternative for the previously known methods of nail care. In contrast, this is a procedure, during which the active components of the preparation penetrate the nail plate and inside it (instead of staying on the surface, like in the case of traditional treatments or nail conditioners). Although it has appeared on the market relatively recently, it already is very popular.

IBX System - what is it?

In the IBX system we can find two elements – two vials with preparations of specific action: the first of them is to repair and rebuild our nail plates. Thanks to the content of oils (jojoba, avocado) and the absence of chemical substances, it provides power, hydration and acceleration of the nail growth. It also allows the repair of the damaged, peeling nails. The second element of the system is an invisible layer, which – like a shield – protects our nails against the harmful impact of water, variable ambient temperature or mechanical damage.

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Who is this system for?

If you appreciate the natural beauty, and your hands stopped being your trait due to damages or lack of the proper care – this system is right for you! IBX is the perfect solution in the case of violation of the integrity of the nail plate, thin, desiccated, scaly nails, the presence of stains on the nails. If your nails are tired with long-term styling, they have any damages or are still short, fragile and you cannot let them grow – the IBX treatment is made for you! For some what is important – this treatment can be used as an independent treatment or as an element of our regular manicure, what means that we do not have to give up our favourite colour of polish or hybrid. You enjoy the colour, and your nails are strengthened from the inside ;)..

How often it should be used?

Depending on the degree of damage of the nails, it is recommended to use this system from 1 to 4 times a month. We can use it during manicure, applying polish, hybrid or other nail styling means. To accelerate the nail growth, it is recommended to use it once every three weeks, and preventively, in order to prevent damages – once every four weeks.

The strengthening, hydration, full protection and readiness for any situation – this is what every strong, modern woman expects from her nails. Do not be surprised an restore them with their beautiful, healthy glow – you never know when you will need it ;)

  • allergy to gel
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding