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Hybrid Manicure

Manicure hybrydowyCared-for, healthy and nurtured nails are woman’s visiting card, therefore, allow yourself to have a manicure that not only will look impressive, but also will last long without any crack, chip or imperfections. Most importantly of all, it does not require gluing fake nails. The hybrid manicure is the best solution if you treasure the natural beauty and durability as it is performed on the natural nail plate without the necessity to file it. As they do not crack, chip or delaminate, these are perfect alternative for acrylic and gel nails. We recommend them particularly to ladies who have little time for daily care, but would love to have their nails always look healthy and aesthetic.


After having removed the old nail polish, the manicurist shapes the natural nail plate as in the classic manicure and removes fingernail cuticles. After degreasing the nail plate sur e, the base is applied, followed by the first and the second nail polish layers and finally the transparent coat. Each layer is being hardened under a UV lamp for about two minutes. It does not significantly lengthen the time of the treatment, because at the time of hardening, the alternate layers are being applied on the other hand. After hardening, the nails are wiped with alcohol to give the nail paint its rich glow and depth.

Arranging treatments and pricing

You will find the complete (phone and address) contact information of our nail Studio in the “Contact” tab. Prices are specified in price list tab under “Price List - City - Manicure - Hybrid Manicure” treatment. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.


You will find the list of our current promotions in the Offers Warsaw and Offers Wroclaw tabs.


We offer a 5-day guaranty on the hybrid nail paint. During this time all imperfections are repaired free of charge.


Easy Waxing Studio is equipped with modern autoclave of class B (the highest group for this type of devices). Read more in the "About us - Hygiene in our studio" tab.

Preparing for the hybrid manicure

The hybrid manicure application does not require any special preparation. If you want to redo the manicure, please let us know while arranging the treatment in order to reserve additional 10 minutes for removing the old nail polish.

After the hybrid manicure

The greatest advantage and the difference between the hybrid and classic manicure is the drying time of 0 minutes and incomparably greater durability of the paint. As opposed to the regular manicure, you can be fully active right after the beauty treatment, including such activities as typing, swimming, and doing the washing up.

Photo Gallery

The nail designs and manicures are presented on our Facebook fan page.

  • ringworm;
  • skin cuts (due to too deep cuticle removal);
  • infections and purulent conditions;
  • allergic reactions.


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