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IPL Photoepilation - Laser Hair Removal

Fotodepilacja-iplThe IPL+RF photoepilation treatment offers permanent hair removal by the exposure to Intense Pulsed Light while elevating the temperature of the treated body parts by the means of RF waves.

Due to hair follicle temperature increase, the hair is destroyed and the regrowth potential is damaged. As a result, in approximately 10-20 days, the hair along with follicle falls out.

A crucial part of photoepilation constitutes the complete growth cycle of hair as the IPL light beam removes only the hairs being in the active growth phase. Therefore, achieving the optimal result from IPL+RF photoepilation requires multiple treatments (approximately every 4 to 6 weeks, in a series of 3-8 treatments)

IPL G-Light Device

We provide the treatments with IPL G-Light device, which has European Union medical certificates, CE and FDA (U.S. Food & Drag Administration). G-Light technology is not only safe, but also non-invasive, effective and tested clinically. It can be applied to larger body areas as well as sensitive ones as the bikini line or face.

Other IPL G-Light Treatments

IPL photoepilation is only one of many IPL G-Light treatments that Easy Waxing offers. To find more, go to the following links: ‘Photorejuvenation’ ‘Dilapidated Capillaries Removal’ or ‘Laser Acne Treatment’.

Price and contact

Detailed information about pricing can be found in the Price list tab under “IPL Treatments - Photoepilation”. For phone and address, go to ‘Contact’ tab. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form.


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Preparing for the treatment

Before you finally come to a decision on the treatment, we encourage you to take part in free consultation so as to acquire relevant information concerning photoepilation. You will also have the chance to verify the possible contraindications.

A month prior to the treatment it is recommended not to:
  • sunbathe (either in the sun, solarium or by self-tanning cream application) – tanned skin absorbs a great amount of light energy;
  • wax, depilate, or tweeze – these treatments weaken the hair follicles, hence IPL+RF treatment does not effectively prevent the hair regrowth;
  • use cream with vitamin C, retinol or fruit acids.
Two weeks before the treatment is inadvisable to:
  • receive any exfoliating treatments.
A week preceding photoepilation you should not:
  • take drugs or herbs which are photo-allergenic (e.g. calendula, equisetum, pansy, or hypercium);
  • consume beta-Carotene juice;
  • apply tanning cream, depigmating products, or any perfumed cosmetics.
A day prior to the treatment you ought not to:
  • use UV cream;
  • have any contact with strong chlorinated water (for instance in the swimming pool);
  • shave the body parts which are about to undergo the treatment (it is advisable to get shave 3 days before the photoepilation).
Shortly before the treatment:
  • thoroughly wash the body;
  • do not use any cream, lotion, ointment, or oil;
  • do not drink alcohol on the day of the IPL Photoepilation.
After the treatment:
  • protect the skin against sun rays a month following the treatment – do not sunbathe in the sun or solarium;
  • do not take any photo-allergenic substances, such herbs as calendula, equisetum, pansy, or hypercium, or drugs (read the medicine factsheet first so as to check whether the ingredients may react with your body).


  • taking steroids, drugs, or using cosmetics comprising hormones a quarter before the treatment;
  • photosensitivity;
  • sun allergy;
  • skin diseases e.g. psoriasis or achromia;
  • herpes;
  • epilepsy;
  • diabetes;
  • skin cancer;
  • implants;
  • retinoid treatments (you should stop taking the medicine 6 months prior to the treatment);
  • pregnancy;
  • breasts feeding.

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