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Male Waxing - Boyzilian Bikini in Warsaw and Wroclaw

Meska depilacjaDepilation for men is performed due to the same reasons as for women, that is aesthetic and hygienic. Until recently mostly athletes removed their hair – bodybuilders, swimmers, cyclists. Now, due to the fact that the hairy chest, back or armpits are increasingly going out of fashion, we observe the growing interest among men, who simply want to look good and appeal to their partners. The previously mentioned hygienic aspect should also not be underestimated. Depilated body is a feeling of purity and freshness, difficult to achieve with the intensive, characteristic for men, hairiness.

Why do we recommend hair removal for men:

  • Elimination of hair helps to keep the pleasant smell of the body. Men sweat more intensely and more often than women, and the male sweat degrades much faster, giving off often unpleasant odour, which penetrates into the hair. Depilation is an effective way to get rid of the unpleasant smell.
  • It is easier to keep the body clean. It is easier and more effective to remove impurities and secretions of the sebaceous glands from the skin devoid of hair.
  • The skin is not only smoother but also healthier. Men’s skin produces sebum relatively abundantly, which is an excellent food for microorganisms. After depilation it is easier to maintain hygiene, and thus reduce the risk of inflammation and pimples.
  • Hair removal reveals the real beauty of the male body – the aesthetic effect of the male depilation is becoming a more and more important reason for undergoing these treatments. Women will definitely confirm this thesis.

Boyzilian male waxing in Easy Waxing Studio

Thanks to removing hair of hundreds of men in our salon, we perfectly understand the difference between the women’s and men’s depilation. The most effective and recommended methods of male depilation by our Studio include the soft wax depilation or the hard Lycon waxing. Boyzilian waxing, although it is not a pleasant treatment, is not cumbersome or difficult to withstand. With time you stop paying attention to the short-term, unpleasant pain, knowing that thanks to the treatment you can long enjoy the perfect effect of the smooth body.

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