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EpilFree hair removal



EpilFree is a system of permanent hair removal based on natural plant components. It was created by dr Joel Konis - a world-renowned scientist specialising in cosmetology. EpilFree system consists of three product lines: Facial for the face, Intim for delicate parts of the body (such as the bikini line or armpits) and Body for parts of the body such as the back, arms and legs.

The main active component of the preparation is a natural greater celandine extract, which curbs the division of cells, slowing down hair growth. Additionally, the cosmetic also contains rosemary and eucalyptus extracts, which have natural nutritional elements as well as rhubarb and liquorice extracts with soothing properties. The preparations are applied on the skin immediately after hair removal, when the pores are open, which allows the active substances contained in EpilFree cosmetics to penetrate the pores.

Price and appointments

You will find more details in "Price list - City - Depilation - Soft Waxing" tab. In the "Contact" tab you will find our telephone number and address. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.


A series of EpilFree treatments makes it possible to reduce the speed of hair growth and their number by 80%. A huge advantage of the method is the fact that it is used both by women and men, for all skin and hair types (including dark complexion, fair and red hair, for which laser or IPL hair removal is usually not very effective).


The cosmetics were tested for safety and effectiveness in the Cosmopar Labs in France. The product has been registered in the European Union and in the USA.

Before treatment

  • it is necessary to remove hair with wax or sugar paste;
  • it is forbidden to use any antiperspirant for several days before the treatment. It blocks the pores preventing the skin from absorbing the active components;
  • it is forbidden to use any oils, lotions and creams for 24 hours before the treatment.

After treatment

  • avoid contact with water and do not wash the parts of body where preparation has been applied for 6 hours after the treatment. Removing the preparation, you reduce its effectiveness;
  • avoid physical exercise and sweating for 6 hour after the treatment;
  • do not apply any creams, lotions, oils or make-up for 6 hours after the treatment.


  • pregnancy;
  • breast feeding;
  • allergy to preparation ingredients;
  • wounds, inflammations;
  • continuation of a series of treatments with the use of laser.


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