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Brazilian Waxing

Bikini waxing

This is a style of epilation where all pubic hair, front and back, is removed. As a result, the skin is smooth for a few weeks. Upon request, the beautician can also leave a thin strip of hair at the front.

Brazilian Bikini Wax at Easy Waxing

Our beauty salon specializes in Brazilian Waxing. For having given thousands of such treatments, the beauticians are masters of Brazilian Hair Removal. Soft and hard wax as well as sugar paste, and laser hair removal are used in performing the treatment.

Being aware that such epilation could cause a feeling of embarrassment or discomfort, we exercise the utmost care in providing the treatment, so if you wish to spend this time in a relaxed and positive atmosphere, do not hesitate to have the hair removal performed in our Studio.


We particularly take care of hygiene, therefore only disposable materials are used during the treatment. We do not perform the hair removal with epilating wax rolls.

Bikini styles:

{webgallery}regular bikinicalifornian bikinifrench bikinibrazilian bikini with landing stripbrazilian bikiniheart-shaped bikiniarrow-shaped bikinicrown-shaped bikinicircle-shaped bikinidiamond-shaped bikini{/webgallery}

Preparing for the treatment:
  • do not use a sauna or solarium two days prior to the treatment;
  • it is advisable to do scrub a day before epilation;
  • oils, lotions, oily creams ought not to be used on the day of the treatment;
  • take care of intimate hygiene (our beauty salon is equipped with bidet in the bathroom);
  • you should ensure that the hair is between 1/5 and 2/5 inches in length (0.5-1cm). If hair is too short the removal is not possible while too long hair must be trimmed.
After the treatment
  • avoid hot water, tight clothing or cosmetics consisting chemical ingredients so as not to irritate the skin;
  • be careful of exposure to UV rays (natural and solarium);
  • do not use sauna for some days post hair removal;
  • it is recommended to wipe the skin with hydrogen peroxide and apply sudocream on the post-treatment areas;
  • take care of skin hygiene for some weeks after performing the treatment. It is advisable to do scrub in order to remove calloused, rough skin and help growing out hair break through the surface of the skin. Such actions greatly reduce the ingrown hair problem.
  • fresh tan;
  • inflammation;
  • skin breaks, wounds, swelling;
  • epilation;
  • menstruation.


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