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New Easy Waxing Sugar Paste

We are pleased to inform you that from the beginning of 2017 in our studios, we use only own brand Easy Waxing sugar paste. After several months of tests and experiments we have developed a product that is both the most effective for hair removal as well as completely safe for the skin. Our sugar paste has only natural ingredients such as water, sugar, citric acid.

With our paste you can enjoy the highest quality hair removal. It is able to remove even very short hair and in addition during the treatment, the skin is subjected to pleasant peeling. Probably the most important advantage of this type of hair removal is the fact, that the product during use has temerature of the body of depilated person, so there is no possibility to cause irritation or burns.

All Easy Waxing cosmetics are manufactured in accordance with EU requirements and are reported to CPNP.

Enjoy the sweet depilation :)


EpilFree hair removal

EpilFree is a system of permanent hair removal based on natural plant components. Research indicates that the system makes it possible to get rid of 80% of unwanted hair. The treatment involves rubbing a greater celandine liquid right after a hair removal treatment performed with the use of wax or sugar paste. The preparation penetrates deep inside the skin through open pores and curbs the reproduction of cells in hair roots. Thanks to this hair growth is slower, the hair is less numerous and significantly weaker. The problem of ingrown hair is also reduced. More information available at: EpilFree hair removal


Vinylux manicure & pedicure

CND Vinylux nail polishes are long-lasting polishes hardened under the influence of daylight. Their greatest advantage is combination of hybrid polish features - endurance and short drying time - with the features of classic polishes - no need to harden with UV lamps, removing the polish with an ordinary nail polish remover. These excellent polishes match the shade range of Shellac hybrid polishes so both products may perfectly complement each other. More information available at: Vinylux manicure and pedicure


Acid based pedicure - Callus Peel

We would like to introduce the new foot care treatment - Callus Peel pedicure. This procedure is based on cosmetic acids and is especially recommended for people who have problems with cracked, horny skin on heels. A detailed description of the treatment can be found under the following link - Callus Peel Pedicure


Satin hands Mary Kay manicure

Manicure "Satin Hands Mary Kay" is the hand care treatment to prevent cracking and drying of hands complexion. It can be successfully used as a separate treatment or in combination with hand paraffin wax. A detailed description of the procedure can be found under the following link Treatments - Manicure SPA


No-needle mesotheraphy

We are pleased to announce that we have enhanced our range of facial treatments with the no-needle mesotherapy. This is an excellent procedure for both the summer and the winter. With the right choice of cosmetics excellent results can be obtained.

We offer 4 types of mesotherapy - Vitamin (nourishes and regenerates the skin), Hialuron-Collagen (moisturizes and promotes collagen renewal) Anti-Aging (reduces wrinkles of mature skin), Sensi (for skin with dilated capillaries). More in the Treatments - No-needle mesotherapy



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