Is pregnancy a contraindication to gel manicure?

During gel manicure a light-curing gel layer is applied to properly prepared nail plate. Then, it is hardened under a UV lamp. Described process is safe. However, degreasing beauty products may contain acetone that is harmful. While considering setting up an appointment, it is advised to check whether procedure is carried out in adequately ventilated room. It assures that there is a lesser chance of inhaling acetone fumes or small particles of filed-off gel. You may also put on a disposable face mask. Make sure that products are of good quality and they do not contain any harmful substances that could enter the bloodstream.

Apart from that, manicure should be done without the use of pliers or scissors so as to avoid damaging skin. All tools and accessories should be disposable or sterilised in autoclave. With practically no risk of infection, you can have a complete piece of mind about your baby’s safety. In our studio not only all tools are sterilised in a medical autoclave, but also files and polishers are disposable.

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