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When hair removal is a necessity

There are situations, in which hair removal must be performed. Indications for his cosmetic surgery can be diverse: from aesthetic to medical. We have prepared a short guide, when, how and why to remove unwanted hair.

We mostly depilate for aesthetic reasons: we do not tolerate hairy legs in women and – more an more often – excessively overgrown torso in men. Hair removal for health indications has its deep justification: hair on the body create ideal conditions for the deposition of pollutants from the environment and which are the remnants of body fluids. In such an environment, the undesirable microorganisms develop in an exemplary fashion. And nobody wants those on the body.

Hair removal for cosmetic reasons

Indications for it include:

  • Facia hair in women – these may be a moustache or abundant hair on the cheeks. The most common reason for growing hair are the endocrine disorders, including hirutism. Therefore, before hair removal it is recommended to consult with a specialist dealing with diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Excessive hair on the body – it concerns mostly men, and the hair in unwanted amounts can grow either on the chest, or on the back, often near the neck or shoulder. The reason is the hormonal imbalance – which is why also a beautician will recommend an appointment with an endocrinologist.
  • Hairy legs – it is not a problem for men, but smooth, velvety skin without hair is a canon for women’s legs – and on the entire length of the legs, and not only on the lower section of the leg.
  • Lush hair around the pubic area – it is also embarrassing for men, and therefore it is not worth waiting with its elimination and increasing the attractiveness of your body.
  • Uncovering the body – smooth armpits, hands free of unwanted hair, and even the area around the neck on the border with the hair are the standards of aesthetic appearance of the body on the beach, banquet hall, swimming pool or in the SPA. 
  • Laser hair removal – recommended when the hair length is vital for the success of the treatment of proper depilation (e.g. using the IPL +RF method). Hair should be shaved early, so they have time to grow to the desired length.


Hair removal for health and medical reasons

Indications include:

  • Medical procedures  – the body must be free of hair when the surgeon’s scalpel cuts through the skin or the laser beam will remove discoloration or Depilation before the treatments prevents the risk of infection transferred from the hair to the inside of the body, the risk of hair getting into the wound, the difficulties resulting from disinfecting the hairy part of the body and stitching tissues in an unshaved area.
  • Childbirth in a natural way and with a caesarean section – you should ask the staff in the institution about the details, where the birth will take place. If you want to perform the depilation outside the hospital, you have to do it before the planned visit in the delivery room.
  • Wounds and stitches – if they are hairless, the effectiveness of disinfection and the efficiency of the healing process increases, while the risk of infection decreases.

Whatever the reason, due to which you have to get rid of the unwanted hair, hair removal treatments can be performed in the Easy Waxing salons in Warsaw or in  Wroclaw. We invite you for professional consultations.


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