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The whole truth about the safety of spray tanning

The entry, which you are reading, was created to explain why spray tanning is considered to be the safest and the healthiest, it indeed is – on condition that for this treatment you use certified products, such as SunFX used in our salons, containing the purest DHA.

DHA, or the foundation of success

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DHA is a short name for dihydroxyacetone. It is this compound that makes the skin subjected to spray tanning get a beautiful, golden colour. DHA, known to skilled chemists as 1,3-dihydroxy-2-propanone, is a natural product widespread in nature – it is present in cells of higher plants and animals. Physically it has the form of a white powder with a slightly sweet taste. The latter is not surprising, because dihydroxyacetone is a carbohydrate, which is considered to be triose sugar. On an industrial scale it is obtained from bacteria. For many years it has been used in the treatment of diabetes, and currently it is used for the treatment of cyanide poisoning. It browning properties… were discovered during an accidental spillage of the anti-diabetic preparation on the skin.

Safe mechanism

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The principle of DHA operation is simple: after spraying on the skin, it enters into chemical reactions with amino acids found in the layer of epidermis, which is the most external one. The course of this reaction has already been known since 1912, when it was described by the French scientist named Maillard (henceforth it has been known as the reaction of Maillard). Everyone on a daily basis deals with its effects, because it takes place during the thermal processing of food: because of it the fried meat or baked bread have an appetizing appearance and scented crust. But no worries: DHA during the spray tanning will not change you into crispy chips :-). An important – from the point of view of health safety – advantage of dixydroxyacetone is that it works only in the surface layer of epidermis, the one which after a few, several days undergoes natural exfoliation. So it does not engage in the tanning process of melanocytes – the cells producing the dark dye of skin and strictly connected with the malignant melanoma cancer, because they lie much deeper: in the basal layer of epidermis.

ECOCERT – guarantee of naturalness

In the SunFX liquid, which we use in Easy Waxing salons, we can find the purest DHA. This is because, among others, it was possible to grant the ECOCERT preparation – the certificate for the elected ones. It is given by the international, independent association only and exclusively to products, which meet rigorous standards of the naturalness standard of the composition. ECOCERT for SunFX is the confirmation that in the composition of the liquid there is at least 95% of natural ingredients. That’s not all! The preparation is free of unhealthy parabens, irritant alcohol, harmful oils and fragrances. The latter need not be applied, because in the SunFX liquid there is used the best available DHA, and this means that there is no need to mask the odour, which is an inseparable companion of poor quality dihydroxyacetone.

Now you know why spray tanning in Easy Waxing guarantees your health safety. Enjoy!



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