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Hair removal while pregnant p.2: intimate areas

Independent intimate hair removal while pregnant is a heroic task when the birth is near. Of course, the growing belly is an obstacle, but also the unusual difficulty comes from maintaining balance. Some future mothers due to the low flexibility of the spine and limbs, which appears during “acrobatics” performed during the attempts of independent reaching of the intimate areas with a shaver or epilator, promise themselves that after birth they will take to improve their own physical fitness. It is a very healthy motivation :-), and so far, dear future mother, you are not left alone with the problem, because below there is a tutorial, which will dispel your doubts regarding the intimate hair removal during pregnancy.

Depilacja w ciazy

  • Do not use wax for removing unwanted hair from the intimate surroundings during pregnancy performed on your own at home. Tearing off a congealed mass is a huge stress for the skin sensitized by hormones, and for you a decent dose of pain. Moreover, removing hair with wax can end in cracking of capillary vessels which are more fragile during pregnancy and the formation of hematoma and spider veins. The latter, if are not closed or do not get spontaneously absorbed, are an introduction to the development of varicose veins
  • You can use a razor quite safely – it is a recommended and painless method to get rid of hair in the intimate surroundings during pregnancy. With a little persistence and still a small tummy, you can even try to make your own intimate haircut with a razor :-).
  • If due to serious size of the belly the treatment area is not very visible, take a handy mirror to help you – although this method will require a mastery of shaving from the image seen in the mirror, but it is not difficult, and you have a greater possibility to remove all unwanted hair. Asking your partner to help with this activity is also a good idea, but here you have to know if you want your man to take care of the appearance of your intimate area. For safety and comfort – your own and the infant in the belly – epilate in bed. If you lose your balance, at most you will fall on the pillows and not on hard floor tiles :-).
  • Probably do not try using the electric epilator, and in no case do this if you have never used this device. First, it hurts, and second, pain causes stress – for you and the baby.
  • The easiest way to perform the intimate depilation is in the cosmetic surgery, for example, in Easy Waxing in Wroclaw or in Warsaw. We will perform the treatment discreetly and gently. Regardless of whether you decide on the depilation with sugar paste or hard wax, e.g., Lycon, you will get rid of hair for a long time – up to several weeks. Sugar paste for hair removal is a safe alternative for soft wax not recommended during pregnancy: the treatment is far less annoying, more gentle to the skin and friendlier to your and your baby’s nerves. Remember: if your belly has not yet grown, do not forget to tell the staff that you are pregnant!

If you belong to this group of women, who are very much fed up with the hair removal of intimate surroundings they are willing to abandon this treatment after birth, think about whether you want your intimate surroundings to be shaved by a stranger midwife just before the delivery, in addition treating you harshly and without fuss, becouse she doesn't have time for proper waxing. Probably not, right? Therefore, we invite you to the intimate depilation to Easy Waxing salons – we offer full comport as a standard :-).

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