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Hair removal in the net of spider veins

The spider and varicose veins, which can be found on the legs of many of us, are described as a cosmetic problem, what is 100 percent true. First of all, they are unsightly, and secondly: they make it harder to conduct the skincare and hair removal treatments.

We sit or stand for too long and not properly, we like putting one leg over the other, we do not take breaks in the journey, we avoid physical activity and we drive everywhere – these are just a few examples of situations, which affect the deterioration of circulation in the lower limbs. You just need to neglect your own legs for a few years to “gain” spider veins in the next years, and in the future – varicose veins.

Phased leg disfiguration

Spider veins, unfortunately, are a more advanced stage of circulatory problems in the legs. Everything starts with a feeling of heavy legs (sometimes it seems that each weighs a ton), swelling of the ankles and calf cramps. These symptoms are usually underestimated, because apart from discomfort and sometimes difficult inserting of the swollen foot to a narrow shoe, we do not feel worse ailments and – most of all – we do not see the livid tangle of blood vessels, which shine under the skin. Only when single spider veins or a net of bluish spots appear under the skin, we start noticing the problem – in terms of beauty. We do not think about the health consequences then – a pity, because the varicose veins are near.


Heat and wax on the carpet

Both in spider and in varicose veins there are very few elastic fibres and more collagen ones. The former provide the flexibility of blood vessel walls, and the latter are its protein scaffold. Reducing the amount of elastic fibres makes the vessels become brittle, less resistant to overloading and stretching, and thus – susceptible to mechanical damage. Therefore, if the weakened vessel comes into contact with heat (e.g. during depilation using hot wax), it will expand. Them, the inflexible vein walls burst and as a result we will see a bloody effusion on the legs, which will gradually change colour to plum and greenish – like any hematoma.

Because of the susceptibility to cracking under heat, people who have spider and varicose veins are not recommended to take hot baths, to sunbath, to be in the sauna and, of course, to depilate legs using hot wax.


P like a panacea, or like sugar paste

Instead of hot wax, or if you don't have time for wax, you can use sugar paste – what is always recommended in the Easy Waxing salons to Clients who have got problems with circulation and spider veins. The paste is safer than wax, because at the time of the application it has got the skin temperature, and this product does not stick to the skin, but it sticks to the hair, which are to be removed. As it is applied in the opposite manner than wax, that is in the opposite direction to the hair growth, while tearing occurs with the direction of the hair. When removing the paste, the skin is not so strongly strained as with waxing – because of that, the vessels under the skin are also not strained and the risk of their rupture is much lower than with waxing.


Shaving and using the epilator are also safe for legs with spider and varicose veins. Unfortunately, both methods are not very effective, and the re-growing hair are visible the next day and can be felt under the fingers in the form of small, prickly points. So if someone dreams about silky smooth legs despite the translucent net of capillaries under the skin, s/he should try the “sweet” depilation

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