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Artificial or natural? The guide on glued eyelashes

You cannot flutter eyelashes, if they are too short or if they are too few. Fortunately, there are ways to thicken and extend the “curtains” of your eyes. You glue artificial eyelashes and that’s all! The only question is what eyelashes to choose. We have prepared a brief guide for you.

Eyelashes of natural materials

They are made of silk or hair coming from the Siberian mink fur. They have a natural shine, they are light and delicate. Silk eyelashesHYPERLINK ""  have got a lot of advantages: you can freely use swimming pools, you can wear contact lenses and perform traditional make-up. But beware: if you use mascara, make sure you use products of the light consistency and it is best to avoid waterproof cosmetics. The heavy consistency of the mascara has a bad effect on the maintenance of the proper shape of the silk eyelashes, and washing the waterproof cosmetic can be so burdensome that it will destroy the glued hair (it can also damage the natural ones). Buying silk eyelashes, we should also equip ourselves with a suitable comb for their grooming. Because after a night they may require combing and moulding – because they can sometimes get wrinkled during sleep.

Tufts of the mink fur are a proposal for lovers of the most natural appearance of the eyes and in addition, they are unresponsive to the allergies to animal hair (to check if there is a risk of allergy you have to test this before gluing this type of eyelashes). If we do not have allergic reactions to the mink fur, we become the owners of eyelashes, and the distinguishing of the glued elements from the natural hair is a miracle, because the former have the same thickness, but their length varies. Therefore, they bear the striking similarity to the natural eyelashes.

Synthetic eyelashes

Silicone, nylon, polyester...  The selection of eyelashes made of synthetics is broad. Their advantages include the regular, symmetrical shape and durability. However, they can also be less delicate and flexible than those made of silk or mink fur. And they sometimes intertwine – this applies to the thinnest ones. Thus, you have to comb them – but carefully, so they do not get damaged due to lower flexibility. Nevertheless, their undisputed advantage is the fact that they do not cause allergies.

Quite nicely curled hair

False eyelashes can be selected at the discretion in terms of the thickness of the hair and its curling. Because of this, the owners of thin or straight eyelashes can enjoy the fact that the look of their eyes can be improved. And also people, who have been bestowed by the flirtatiously curly, long and thick eyelashes can additionally beautify the appearance of the eye.


Is gluing of false eyelashes really so easy?... Well, it is a matter of preparation, knowledge and practice. That’s why we encourage you to use the services of a qualified person. The well prepared specialists for beautifying the fixtures of the eyes work in the offices of Easy Waxing – both in Warsaw, and in Wroclaw. For them, extending the eyelashes or thickening them is extremely simple: they will advise you, select the optimum length, thickness and the curl of the hair, glue it and you’re ready! :-)

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