Bikini waxing – targeting the depilation of bikini area

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This year’s beach season will be open in a few months, but it’s worth taking a look at the beauty of the bikini area. To put it bluntly – targeting bikini waxing is a must. We present the whole truth about how to care for this area of the body attracting attention.

The all mother Eve, who was the first one to wear the outfit that was named „bikini” in the XX century (in honour of the pacific atoll, where a hydrogen bomb was detonated), did not worry about ingrown hairs or obtaining a sufficiently smooth skin surface after depilation. Times have changed, as well as customs. Currently, bikini is the most popular type of beach outfit. Therefore, the bottom of the body, covered only with a small triangle made of fabric, should be well-groomed so that it will be close to pedantry.

Targeting the bikini waxing

Bikini waxing – attractive smoothness

No matter how old you are, you need to have a smooth bikini area. There is probably no less pleasant view than the hair protruding from under the effective panties or covering the inside of the thigh. Choose the depilation method individually. It is the healthiest to give yourself into the hands of specialists, for example, our beauticians from the Easy Waxing salons. And there, take advantage of professional depilation using the sugar (paste) or wax method.

The bikini areas can also be depilated on your own. It is best to use a method tested on your own skin for this purpose, which is known not to cause hypersensitivity, allergies or inflammation of the hair follicles (which manifests itself, among others, with purulent pustules, which you should not touch, because they will leave discolorations on the surface of the body). Depilation should also not result in ingrown hair in the body. If this happens, change the method of removing the unwanted hair and use preparations to prevent this phenomenon. We recommend cosmetics from our offer, which are successfully used by many customers of our stores.

Bikini waxing with fantasy

You can depilate the bikini areas as you like. The traditional option (removing unnecessary hair from the groins and thighs) is gaining a competition in the form of the Brazilian depilation, or combined with the creation of intimate hairstyles. You can also use these possibilities in our salons. More on the subject of hairstyles presented only to the eyes of the chosen ones is described here. Incidentally: we recommend a visit to our salons not only to everyone who is determined to depilate the bikini areas, but also to those who have no idea how to care for the beauty and condition of the skin of this area of the body.

How to care for the bikini area after depilation?

If the unwanted hair has been removed in the beauty salon, the matter is simple: follow the instructions given by the beautician. If the depilation of the bikini area was done on your own at home, you should:

  • after the wax procedure, remove any remaining product from the skin with the help of a preparation intended for this purpose, e.g., olive oil that comes with the hair removing kit, or – it there is no such supplement – baby oil or ordinary olive oil;
  • under no circumstances use alcohol-based disinfectants, because skin irritated by depilation can react with intensification of the reactions – if you have cut you skin while shaving the bikini area, use oxidized water or another preparation that does not irritate the skin to disinfect it;
  • wash the body with water that is not too warm and using mild hygiene products (e.g. mild intimate hygiene lotions).

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