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An effective and fast beautifying treatment? Something that does wonders, and at the same time can be done after work in the middle of the week or even during a lunch break? Instant oxybrasion is the hit of beauty salons around the world.

Oxybrasion, completely non-invasive, but at the same time a very effective method to exfoliate the outer layer of the epidermis, is the perfect proposition for all busy people – mothers, students, workaholics, employees of corporations and artists. So everyone who cares about the quick effect with minimal effort.

Oxybrasion during treatment

Oxybrasion, also known as oxygen peeling, oxydermabrasion or oxygen or oxygen-aquatic microdermabrasion. Regardless of the name, it is about one thing: the effect of a fresh and radiant complexion – right away – already after the first treatment. Experts from the Easy Waxing studio recommend oxybrasion before a big event (it can be performed even a few hours before a big gala, as it does not cause irritation), as well whenever we want to regain a beautiful look right away and enjoy a refreshed, radiant complexion, regardless of the number of duties and sleepless hours.

Oxybrasion – delicate and effective!

Dermatologists emphasize that oxybrasion is more delicate than corundum or diamond microdermabrasion, which is why it is recommended for those who cannot use deep mechanical exfoliation for various reasons (e.g. very sensitive skin, also vascular!), and at the same time they care that their complexion is radiant and fresh – also during autumn and winter months, which are hard for it.

What is important, oxybrasion is a completely non-contact procedure – there is a distance of about one centimetre between the surface of the skin and the nozzle of the applicator. Therefore, small droplets of sterile saline are the exfoliating factor, applied on the skin in the air stream ejected under high pressure from the applicator. In addition to exfoliation, the cold therapy is also applied in oxybrasion, which tempers and strengthens the vascular walls. Thanks to this, the treatment is completely painless and – also as a form of relaxation – it is particularly recommended in summer.

The power of oxygen

Such a fast ritual (it lasts for about half an hour) is recommended to almost everyone who complain about imperfections, such as blackheads, enlarged pores, papules, excess sebum, capillaries, as well as dry, grey complexion caused by, e.g. air-conditioning, smoking or improper diet. Oxybrasion is also one of the few cosmetic treatments that can be used by people with acne (both ordinary and rosacea) – oxygen used during the treatment combats anaerobic bacteria, which are responsible for the formation of acne vulgaris.

Oxybrasion – solo or in a duet

The treatment can be used on its own or combined with other aesthetic treatments, in which a nourishing sebum is injected into the skin with the help of a vacuum. Oxybrasion also increases the effect of creams and masks (also those used at home), because the skin – which is devoid of the layer of unnecessary, additional skin – more easily absorbs active components of cosmetic products.

Oxybrasion can be used by men and pregnant women, also those whose skin under the influence of the hormonal instability has become more sensitive and/or who have discolorations. Already after one treatment, the skin becomes smooth, moisturized and devoid of dry skin, but in order to get optimal results, it is recommended to perform a whole series. Studies show that regular treatments also affect the dermis – stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres, which increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces the shallow surface wrinkles.

How to take care of the complexion after oxybrasion?

In order to maintain the effects of the treatment, one should use the preparations recommended by the beautician from the Easy Waxing salon for home use and take care of daily skin protection and proper diet. 

We invite you for oxybrasion in Wroclaw and Warsaw, as well as other treatments – wax or sugar paste depilation, hybrid manicure and pedicure, Icoone Wroclaw, Endermologie Warsaw and others.

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