Laser hair removal – do’s and dont’s

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Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal. Thanks to it, you can enjoy smooth skin for a long time and forget about a razor or epilator. A lot of us can benefit from laser treatments. However, for some they will be more effective and for others less. To tell you who the best solution would be to use this method for, we’ve collected the questions you most often ask us:

Laser hair removal. For whom and what you should know about it?

What are the contraindications?

The main thing is not to be sick, have a cold and/or have an elevated body temperature, you canot take photosensitizing herbs both before and during the treatment, and use ointments with retinoids. You can find out about all contraindications by coming to us for a free consultation.

Can I use laser hair removal while pregnant?

Unfortunately not. Both during pregnancy and the entire period during which women are breastfeeding, this procedure cannot be used. During breastfeeding, hormones that interfere with hair growth are at work. Laser therapy at that time would be ineffective.

Who will the treatments be most effective for?

The best results can be expected for people with dark hair and fair complexion. The darker the hair, the greater the chance that it will be effectively removed. People with red, blond and gray hair are welcome to take advantage of sugar paste and wax treatments

Can I sunbathe before and during laser therapy?

Tanned skin is one of the main contraindications to laser therapy. You should give up tanning three to four weeks before starting the treatment and throughout the treatment (i.e. about half a year to eight months). In other words – if you want to take advantage of this treatment, you will not be able to sunbathe for about seven to nine months.

Why don’t you do laser treatments in the summer

The answer to this question is above. During the summer, Ladies tell us that they absolutely will not sunbathe, and they do not – however, if we decide to laser hair removal legs or arms, we must cover them with long pants and blouses with long sleeves. At 25 degrees and up, it’s hard to walk in such clothes. Even if we do not intentionally expose the skin to sunlight, it changes color when e.g. going for a walk, cycling etc. … Laser hair removal on tanned skin can also cause burns. That is why we ask our clients to start treatments in the fall – around October, so that they can be completed at the latest in the last days of May.

Is one treatment enough to get rid of body hair

One treatment, unfortunately, will not be enough. In truth, we will see the first effects after it, however, to get rid of hair for a long time we need a series of treatments at intervals of 4 – 6 weeks (depending on the body part – smaller parts every 4 weeks, larger ones every 6). The number of these treatments depends on the individual predispositions of each client. A cosmetologist after an interview and two – three series – can more or less determine how many will be needed. 

Can you use this method to perform hair removal on men in intimate areas

Men can perform epilation of the groin and depilation between the buttocks. In our salon, we do not perform full intimate hair removal in men, because some studies show a slight decrease in the number of spermatozoa, which are located shallow under the skin. Theoretically, after a few hours after depilation, this amount returns to normal, however, multiple laser interventions on the skin around the testicles can be dangerous and, as a result, can affect male fertility. That is why in our salon we are bypassing this zone.

Can you use this method to depilate facial hair on men?

The answer to this question is quite complicated. The man’s chin hair is very strong and thick. How thick – depends on the level of testosterone in the body. If there is too much of it, then laser treatment in this place may not be very effective. In the face area, too many laser treatments cannot be performed due to the proximity of the thyroid gland. If a man has testosterone within the normal range and no thyroid disease, the procedure is relatively safe. Therefore, before gentlemen decide on him, you should undergo consultation with an endocrinologist.

If you still have any questions about laser hair removal – write to us on messenger. We are happy to answer all of them. 🙂 Please visit our website: You’ll find a price list in Warsaw and Wroclaw and other information about laser therapy 🙂

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