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You probably know that apart from pedicure nothing works better for the feet than walking barefoot on the beach. However, do you have enough courage to show publically your feet without wearing shoes or flip flops?… If after reading this sentence you feel any hesitation, this post is just for you. We also encourage people whose beautiful feet have nothing to complain about to read this article – the text contains interesting advice, thanks to which this year’s (and each subsequent) holiday can be spend… on the right foot ;-).  

holiday pedicure

Ask yourself honestly, how much time a day do you spend on foot care? If this takes you more or less than 5 minutes, you fit the statistical majority. This is the time needed to wash both feet, scrubbing the nails with a brush, drying and rubbing the cosmetic. If you act quickly, during those few minutes you will even manage to wipe the heels with a pumice. Or use a feet grater. Do you think that you are doing enough for your feet, giving them only 5 minutes of your precious time?…

Feet – how to take care of them every day?

If not every day (but really, every day!) you take care of your feet according to the scheme:

  • washing the skin of the feet and brushing the toenails;
  • removing the calloused skin using a pumice stone (you do this while washing) or using the pedicure grater (you use this accessory for foot care dry);
  • thoroughly dry the skin on the feet(especially between the toes);
  • rub the care cosmetic into the skin and toenails aided with a few minutes massage,

you can congratulate yourself – because the systematic, daily interest in the beauty of the feet makes them well taken care of, there are no cracks on the heels and no thickened epidermis, and the toes and nails are manicured. The above-mentioned 5 minutes, however, is the absolute minimum of the daily attention, which should be given to feet. Systematic treatments certainly pay off and feet, which you care for only for a few hundreds seconds, will be shown off to the world without any complexes, but… If you are going on holiday, you may want to take care of your feet twice as much.

Pedicure for holiday

This means that the performance of some extra treatments will be added to your schedule of activities related to the daily foot care:

  • soaking feet – preferably in kitchen salt or in herbal infusions;
  • care of the nails and cuticles around them;
  • nail painting;
  • applying masks on feet.

Care treatments for the feet can be performed on your own, but you can also assign them to the beauticians employed in the salons, who will subject your feet to extremely pleasant and efficient pedicure treatments. It is an extremely attractive and convenient option. For some reasons:

  • you do not need to know what your feet need at the given moment, mostly: hydration, lubrication or nutrition, because the beautician in EasyWaxing will diagnose you problem and will suggest a recovery program for your feet: this can be, e.g., pedicure SPAparaffin bath or pedicure Callus Peel;
  • one well-selected treatment is enough, and the skin of feet will regain its vigour, will become soft, while the nails – if you decide to paint them – will become a real decoration and an extremely attractive element of your holiday image;
  • during professional treatment, while others work on your holiday look, you are relaxing and resting. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?… If so, give your feet in good hands – in Easy Waxing we restore the smoothness of even the most neglected feet.

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