Hair removal – the forbidden fruit for…

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We remove hair from this and than, once we use wax, and the other time we perform sugaring, sometimes we use a razor or cream in a hurry, but we rarely reflect on whether the given type of hair removal is really good for us. And who knows, it might accidentally be harmful… We clarify all doubts on this subject.

Hair removal – the forbidden fruit for...

Hair removal with a razor

The speed of the treatment and the total painless aspect is an advantage (unless you accidentally scratch yourself with the razor). The downside – rapid re-growth of the hair and skin roughness caused by the blunt hair tips. This type of hair removal is safe for pregnant women (provided that you do not cut the skin). The treatment should not be carried out by people with the limited manual dexterity, suffering from the bleeding disorder, haemophilia, taking measures to thin the blood or large amounts of drugs from the group of salicylates, having raised moles or growths on the depilated area.

Hair removal with an epilator

A painful method, which does not remove all hairs, irritating the skin more than depilatory creams. The downside is also the necessity of an extremely thorough cleaning of the hair removal elements. The pluses include the long-lasting skin smoothness, convenience of using the appliance and removal of the hairs with their roots. The contraindication for this type of hair removal is the skin, which is quickly irritated, delicate, and thick, strong hairs with a tendency to grow into the skin. The epilator should also not be used with varicose veins.

Hair removal with the cream or other cosmetic preparations

Hair removal is painless (although sometimes after applying the cream you can feel the burning or itching sensation). It removes hairs to the skin line. The downside is the possibility of irritation and sensitization of the skin and the rapid re-growth of the hairs. This method for removal of excessive hair is not recommended for pregnant women (due to chemicals contained in the cream), people inclined to allergies, with sensitive skin and tendencies to inflammation of hair follicles and the inflammation and symptoms of infection on the skin.

Best for waxing

A good method for the fast and permanent removal of almost all unwanted hair. Painful, but it eliminates hair for a few weeks, because wax removes all unwanted hair well. It is not recommended for people with varicose veins, spider veins, with brittle blood vessels, skin prone to redness, with diabetes, inflammation of the veins or skin, with tendency to ingrown hairs, and because of the pain and possibility of irritation – also to pregnant women.

Hair removal with sugar paste

Much less painful than waxing and much safer for the skin. The upside is the unbelievable precision of hair removal without the simultaneous sticking of the paste to the skin and the total naturalness of the composition – because of this reason, the sugar paste does not cause allergies. It is recommended as safe for pregnant women, much safer than wax in case of varicose and spider veins. There is no risk of the skin burning, and you can apply the paste several times in one spot.

Hair removal with a laser

A very modern, efficient method that gives lasting effects, but with a number of contraindications, such as: fresh tan , tearing of the skin, diabetes, keloids, pacemaker, taking blood thinners, retinoids or photosensitizing herbs, pregnancy and epilepsy.

If you still do not know which hair removal method will be best for you, we invite you to our Easy Waxing salons in Warsaw and in Wroclaw. Our beauticians will perfectly select the treatment depending on the condition of your veins, skin and general condition.

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