Epilation and cyclists or triathletes – why those 2 go together just perfectly?

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Certainly many people wonder why cyclists and triathletes opt for epilation. Is it about aesthetic considerations, and maybe about air resistance while cycling? This is very true, but that’s not all. It is also about regeneration and trauma in this sport. Epilation facilitates massages and skin penetration of active ingredients in the form of creams or depilation gels. It is extremely important when falling, as it has a huge impact on the easy and effective dressing of wounds and cuts.

Epilation as a popular treatment among cyclists and triathletes

Epilation and the results and aesthetics

Very often at sports competitions, hundredths of a second decide about winning. The athlete should therefore do everything possible to make these fractions of seconds work in his favour. Therefore, the athlete should, among other things, undergo depilation. This treatment reduces the air resistance that arises during movement. That’s why skin smoothness is important for getting trophies and breaking speed and stamina records. Getting rid of hair has a beneficial effect on increasing the athlete’s abilities. This is very important, especially for the world’s top athletes.

Depilation of cyclists and triathletes also has an aesthetic aspect, as the contemporary fashion and image of the athlete are strongly focused on displaying a smooth and muscular body. Because athletes are often idols for many people, these people – modelled on celebrities whom they admire – decide to depilate the whole body. Undergoing the treatment of removing unnecessary body hair does not require too much effort, the treatments are not unpleasant and – above all – allow you to enjoy smooth skin for a long time.

Thinking about depilation, it is worth to bet on a long-term solution to the problem and treat yourself with a treatment of removal unnecessary hair with a laser.

Safety for the athlete

Depilation – although not so obvious – affects the safety of athletes, especially during competitions. The inseparable, though undesirable element of cycling and triathlon are injuries, wounds and cuts. Often injuries have a large surface area, which makes it worse to heal. Let us remember that hairy legs or forearms will be much harder to dress than smooth ones.

Band-aids are usually applied first on the wounds, which then have to be torn off. Tearing off band-aids is definitely easier to be done on the skin without hair. The reason is simple: tearing off the band-aid is less unpleasant. It is also worth remembering that the depilation of cyclists and triathletes also contributes to the facilitation of possible cleaning of dirty wounds. These wounds in athletes who have not undergone depilation may be filled with hair and inorganic or biological material. Cleaning the injured spot is definitely more difficult in a group of non-epilated persons, and the risk that the wound will contain specks of material that cannot be removed is higher.

A very important element of an athlete’s lifestyle, in addition to intensive training and diet, is also the biological regeneration. Athletes are subjected to specialist massages and other treatments, during which ointments and creams with regenerating, analgesic and relaxing effects are applied. These preparations are much easier applied to smooth skin – they absorb faster and work better. They do not irritate the skin at the hair follicles. This can be seen especially after waxing or laser hair removal and comparison of the results obtained with the non-waxed skin.

Ventilation and hygiene

Thermoregulation is very important for our body, especially on hot days and additionally with physical exertion. Smooth skin breathes better. Although you can complain about excessive sweating, it is thanks to this mechanism that the body is chilled and is able to an even greater effort. Hairy skin evaporates water much worse, and thus – it is less effectively cooled.

There is one more disadvantage of unshaven legs for cyclists and triathletes: hair on the skin, in addition heavily sweaty during the competition, sticks to everything that is flying near the asphalt. In addition, after the competition, it is much easier to freshen up with the depilated skin. You do not even have to take a shower, because you only need to wipe the smooth body with wet wipes.

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