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We will make you happy: we have recently introduced for sale the cosmetics of the renowned Australian brand Bump eRaiser, thanks to which you can effectively fight with the ingrown hair. Those who have already been using these products previously are certainly happy now, because they know that because of them you can forget about this problem. Others will most probably become fans of this brand after the first use.

Bump Eraiser

Bump eRaiser products and their advantages

Bump eRaiser is something more than only skin care products, which are numerous – these are dermocosmetics with medicinal properties, which are recommended for using after depilation or shaving. They can really do much:

  • they are keratolytic, that is they soften and exfoliate the callused top layer of the epidermis,
  • release the hairs trapped under the skin, thus preventing the inflammatory conditions,
  • heal the already existing inflammations of the skin caused by the ingrown hair,
  • act as an disinfectant,
  • soothe irritations and redness,
  • slow the re-growth of hair after depilation,
  • gently brighten the skin colour and tone down its imperfections,
  • facilitate other cosmetics reaching the deeper layers of skin, what well improves the effectiveness of medicinal and treatment preparations.

As you can see, the list of advantages of Bump eRaiser cosmetics is long; and comprehensive. This is due to the mutually complementary effect of each of the 5 products, which are the part of the series. Four of them are dedicated to women and men, and one was created specifically for men.

Bump eRaiser – recommendation

The second product is Cool Splash – dermocosmetic “fire brigade” Just a few drops distributed in the hands and applied on the skin are enough to perfectly cool down and soothe the irritated, red, affectionate and itchy skin after shaving.

The cosmetic can be used for different part of the body, but it is particularly recommended for the face, neck and chest. You can use it after shaving, but it will also excel at relieving skin irritations formed after the laser depilation or the electrolysis depilation. It owes its remarkably soothing effect to the chamomile extract. The addition of natural fruit acids – malic and citric – softens the skin and makes it easily removable, gently but effectively disinfects the skin and subtly brightens its colour and reduces discoloration.

The above mentioned fruit acids, already in higher concentration, can be found in Bump eRaiser Concentrated Serum. This preparation is in the form of a spray, which can be used for all body parts after each depilation and shaving. It soothes redness, irritation and eliminates the rash, which may occur on the skin after treatments. In addition to preventing the ingrown hairs, it protects against the formation of blackheads.


For pimples and bumps after shaving it is good to use the third product from the series Bump eRaiser – Medi Paste, that is highly concentrated cream for the local application of a very rich composition. It contains the anti-inflammatory acetylsalicylic acid, strongly antiseptic oil from the tea tree and triclosan, and a large portion of vitamin A, which moisturizes the skin, treats acne and beautifully evens the skin colouring. The product is applied to the skin and to provide higher efficiency, this area is covered with a patch. At first, the cream is used twice a day, and then once – until you obtain the effect.

Triple Action is the only product from the series of Bump eRaiser for using BEFORE depilation, which can also be used AFTER the treatment. It is especially recommended in case, when the hair to be removed are thick and strong. Applied before the treatment it reduces the discomfort and facilitates the depilation or shaving. Applied after at least 12 hours from the treatments, it not only protects against the ingrown hair, but also – thanks to the components, which weaken the work of the hair follicles and papillae – slows down their re-growth. It contains the anti-inflammatory acetylsalicylic acid, moisturizing urea, 3 nourishing and softening oils: jojoba, macadamia seeds and grape seeds, and natural fruit acids of lemon.

The series of Bump eRaiser in enriched by the glove exfoliating the calluses. Made of highest quality fibres, it provides an effective body massage and effective removal of the keratinized skin. It is used according to the needs – to protect the skin from ingrown hair and the related inflammations, and to facilitate the penetration of active ingredients from other cosmetics applied onto the skin.

We assume that using the Bump eRaiser cosmetics will be as nice for you as the possibility to share the information about their introduction into the offer of our Depilation and Cosmetics Studio Easy Waxing. Share your feedback about this (and also others) series of products, which you have already had a chance to use. This is best done through our forum.

We encourage you!

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