Bikini depilation – first steps to sucessful treatment

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The first time is always the hardest – also when it comes to deciding to perform the bikini depilation in the cosmetic salon. The most common reason for concern (which are unfair) are the unnecessary emotions, which accompany us always when we do something for the first time.

If you feel uneasy before your first bikini hair removal and you don’t know what to expect in the salon, read our short guide: you will go confident to the treatment, and you will leave the salon smiling and with a firm commitment that you are “getting a divorce” with a razor. Remember that the best effects can be achieved if the hairs are 0,5-1 cm in length. Too long hairs should be shortened, and too short ones should grow a bit.

The first bikini hair removal – how to prepare yourself?

Choose the salon suitable for bikini depilation

The first time will certainly stick firmly to your mind, so it is important for the treatment of bikini depilation by an experienced beautician and in conditions, which are comfortable to you, with maintaining full confidentiality and intimacy. For this reason browse the Internet in search for opinions about the beauty salon or – even better – ask people about their impressions, who have used the services of the particular place.

Visit several salons and only then select the place, which you liked the most. If you live in Warsaw or Wroclaw, it is very probable that you will decide to perform the first treatment of hair removal from the bikini areas (and the next ones as well) in the Easy Waxing salons – we are experts in this field, because our beauticians have already performed thousands of intimate depilations for women and men.

Prepare yourself at home

Before leaving the house wash your intimate surroundings with a delicate, tested hygienic measure you use on a daily basis. Do not use any new cosmetics not to irritate the skin. Do not rub the skin with a towel, but pat it dry gently. Put on non-compressive and non-abrasive underwear – preferably cotton. Before the treatment do not swim in public swimming pools, do not sunbathe and do not apply any care cosmetics or deodorants on the areas, from which the hair will be removed.

In the salon – step by step

  • Inform the beautician that you want to perform the bikini depilation for the first time. If you feel discomfort, do not worry – it is a normal reaction you do not have to be ashamed of. Specify your preference for the range (deep Brazilian hair removal, only to the line of the panties or with the intimate hairdo). If the hairs from legs or other body areas have already been removed with wax or sugaring before, there is no need to perform an allergic test. Otherwise, the beautician will first check whether the preparation for removing hair does not irritate your skin.
  • Before the bikini depilation use the toilet room (if there is one in the salon) and wash the areas of hair removal and dry them gently.
  • The beautician will show you the place. Accommodate yourself there and relax. Think about pleasant things – also those, which you can experience having beautifully smooth skin devoid of hair for approx. 3-4 weeks. The bikini depilation treatment is short, and the pain is smaller than you think. After hair removal the beautician will apply the nourishing and soothing preparation on the already smooth skin.

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