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Male hair removal – how to survive the first time?

The statistics show that male hair removal in the intimate areas is becoming more popular than the removal of hair from the chest. Have men matured to regard the hair removal as masculine?... Probably yes, because more and more men in various types of interviews talk about the satisfaction they felt seeing the altered and smooth body after the hair removal.


The man prepared well for the big ball

We are revealing how the man should care about himself so that in a fairly short period of time he could change into the star of every gala – because the carnival is just around the corner!



Men's pedicure and manicure, or how to tame a man in the salon

In every real man lies dormant an equally real cowboy, so the men do not lack courage and are increasingly more often visiting beauty salons (also ours) – which resemble the Western saloons only by the fact that their offer focuses on meeting the needs of the client’s body.



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