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Depilation of legs with varicose veins

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Do you have spider veins, or what is even worse, varicose veins? Depilate you legs using your head, that means – firstly, look at your lower limbs, then, think and consult with an experienced beautician or a doctor, and only then decide on a method of depilation, which is the safest for legs with the problem of varicose veins. And do not delude yourself that things that are good for your best friend are also best for you – because depilation of legs with varicose veins is not subject to this rule. 


Hair removal – the forbidden fruit for...

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We remove hair from this and than, once we use wax, and the other time we perform sugaring, sometimes we use a razor or cream in a hurry, but we rarely reflect on whether the given type of hair removal is really good for us. And who knows, it might accidentally be harmful… We clarify all doubts on this subject.


Hair removal in the net of spider veins

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The spider and varicose veins, which can be found on the legs of many of us, are described as a cosmetic problem, what is 100 percent true. First of all, they are unsightly, and secondly: they make it harder to conduct the skincare and hair removal treatments.

We sit or stand for too long and not properly, we like putting one leg over the other, we do not take breaks in the journey, we avoid physical activity and we drive everywhere – these are just a few examples of situations, which affect the deterioration of circulation in the lower limbs. You just need to neglect your own legs for a few years to “gain” spider veins in the next years, and in the future – varicose veins.


Permanent, or durable, make-up

It is performed once and for all. Although the technique can be associated with the performance of a tattoo, it is not a make-up for life. Rather for several years. It is certainly an ideal solution for people who do not have the desire or time to reach for cosmetics on the daily basis, to carefully draw lines on the eyelids and the lips, rainbow decorate the eyelids just to was hall of this in several hours and to begin the same process of painting again the next day.  


Artificial or natural? The guide on glued eyelashes

You cannot flutter eyelashes, if they are too short or if they are too few. Fortunately, there are ways to thicken and extend the “curtains” of your eyes. You glue artificial eyelashes and that’s all! The only question is what eyelashes to choose. We have prepared a brief guide for you.


Facing the carnival

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Last year we gave you hints how each of our Clients can become the King/Queen of the Ball thanks to the treatments from the offer of Easy Waxing. This year we will focus on the advantages of relaxation and treatments, which eliminate the impact of stress on the skin – because our emotions are the key to the beautiful appearance.

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