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One hair from autumn, that is the best provocative hair removal

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If you think that after the holidays it is enough to apply any heir removal method to recover the beauty of the body, you are wrong. After the dog-days the skin is calling for SOS, namely: “I have no moisture!” If you love your body and you wish it all the best, forget about aggressive methods for removing unnecessary hair.

The provocative hair removal should be very delicate – especially in areas, which were browned by the Sun. These are the spots where the skin is either dry or even desiccated. In Easy Waxing we recommend sugar paste for the provocative hair removal. 


Holiday feet

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You probably know that nothing works better for the feet than walking barefoot on the beach. However, do you have enough courage to show publically your feet without wearing shoes or flip flops?... If after reading this sentence you feel any hesitation, this post is just for you. We also encourage people whose beautiful feet have nothing to complain about to read this article – the text contains interesting advice, thanks to which this year’s (and each subsequent) holiday can be spend… on the right foot ;-).  


When hair removal is a necessity

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There are situations, in which hair removal must be performed. Indications for his cosmetic surgery can be diverse: from aesthetic to medical. We have prepared a short guide, when, how and why to remove unwanted hair.

We mostly depilate for aesthetic reasons: we do not tolerate hairy legs in women and – more an more often – excessively overgrown torso in men. Hair removal for health indications has its deep justification: hair on the body create ideal conditions for the deposition of pollutants from the environment and which are the remnants of body fluids. In such an environment, the undesirable microorganisms develop in an exemplary fashion. And nobody wants those on the body.

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