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Prepare the skin for the summer - home body care before and after depilation.

In the summer, our skin is particularly susceptible to dryness. This condition is conducive to irritation, also during depilation. So let's think about how to take care of it now, so that during a warm period you are not afraid that it will lose its firmness, become more susceptible to microdamages and other unpleasant consequences.


Laser hair removal. For whom and what you should know about it?

Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal. Thanks to it, you can enjoy smooth skin for a long time and forget about a razor or epilator. A lot of us can benefit from laser treatments. However, for some they will be more effective and for others less. To tell you who the best solution would be to use this method for, we've collected the questions you most often ask us:


Do you want to epilate at the salon, but you are afraid that it might be a risk to your health during a pandemic?

Please read the below text to find out why at Easy Waxing you can feel safe and use all the hair removal methods available without hesitation.

High hygienic standards and the safety of our clients and personnel are our priority.


Brow regulation methods – how to take care of the eye frame.

The shape of our lips, nose and eyes affects the overall expression of our face. Carefully done makeup can change their appearance, emphasize the advantages and hide imperfections. However, the shape of the eyebrows has a decisive influence on the appearance and reception of a person's overall image. Nowadays, trends in eyebrow styling indicate that they should be clearly highlighted, but also as natural as possible. Very thin or missing eyebrows make the face look artificial or comical. The thick, bushy, untamed stubble above the eye gives the impression that the person wearing it is inaccessible, unfriendly, grim. The most common mistake is removing too much hair, forming it in an unnatural way, and shortening the eyebrow arches. That is why it is important to choose the look that matches the proportions of other face elements when styling. This task is not the easiest - so it's worth using the help of a cosmetologist.


Acids and enzymes for the face – chemical peels in action

Chemical peel – that sounds dangerous. Surprisingly, exfoliating treatments with the use of natural acids or enzymes are often so delicate that the exfoliation is barely noticeable. Despite that, the complexion after such treatment is smooth, fresh and radiant, and the wrinkles are reduced with deep peels. How is that possible?


Powdered henna with geometry and brow architecture… just like it’s painted

Doing eyebrows everyday? Cumbersome. Traditional henna? Short-term (and unnatural, even) effect. Powdered henna (also known as brow henna)? Sure – in combination with well done brow architecture gives an effect that one could dream of. Additionally, the result stays on the brows for around 6-8 weeks!



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