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What is better – waxing or sugaring?

It cannot be clearly stated which of the depilation methods is definitely better. The effect will be different for each Client. Also the time of hair re-grow may be different. For some this will be two weeks, for others three or four. It is only certain that if the Customer comes to treatments quite regularly, hair will appear less and less, they will grow back weaker, so they will be easier to remove.


Sugar paste

The difference between the sugar paste and wax, if we look at the way of depilation, temperature of the preparation, consistency, etc. is significant. Sugar paste does not have many substances in its composition, which could cause irritation – it contains water, sugar and lemon extracts. It is a “cold” way of hair removal. This means that the preparation is not heated to high temperatures, so people who do not tolerate warm liquids on the skin, as well as people with breaking capillaries, can easily use this possibility. The beautician applies the paste against the hair with her hand, then, with quick moves she removes it according to the hair’s growth. This way the skin is less irritated and recovers quicker after the treatment.

Soft wax

Waxes, which are used in the Easy Waxing Studio contain azulene, chamomile derivative, that is a substance which alleviates irritation. Nowadays, many people get allergic to different plants, so we always ask our clients before the treatment whether they are allergic. The application of wax onto the skin takes place with a spatula: the beautician evenly applies it with a thin layer on the skin, according to the hair’s growth (that is the opposite way to the sugar paste). Then, she sticks an interfacing strap on these places and removes it with a fast movement, opposite to the hair’s growth. Skin after treatment is slightly more irritated than after sugar paste, but is calms down during one or two days. The undeniable advantages of the wax treatment include the fact that it is faster and cheaper. That’s why it is chosen by about 60% of our clients. .

What to choose? 

For women beginning the depilation adventure we recommend the sugar paste to begin with, because it is softer, less irritating to the skin and the risk of allergy is virtually null. With subsequent depilation the client decides on her own, which method is more suitable for her.

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  • Ania

    Osobiście preferuję pastę cukrową, ale moje koleżanki zachwalają wosk:)

    posted by Ania Monday, 20 May 2013 15:24 Comment Link

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