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Hirsutism –yet another woman-man thing

For centuries with no end body hair has been crucial to the survival of mankind seeing as it helps to control body temperature or protect from severe trauma among others. Due to fundamental changes in contemporary society being carried on to prevailing beauty standards, more and more of people are using hair removal services in order to showcase their smooth skin. To cut the story short – unwanted hair is a commonplace, especially when it comes to women. It is worth mentioning that there exists more than one type of hair appearing in different areas of human body. From mere peach fuzz to coarse and dark hair.

Epilation vs psoriasis

Depilation and skin do have something in common

Those of us who are willing to get rid of unwanted hair can choose from variety of techniques, such as shaving, waxing and epilation. Though they address different needs costumer may have, each of them gives satisfactory results. Some methods can be carried out by yourself at home, while others require help of specialist. Some yield results lasting only for a day or so, while others give us a few weeks with no hair in sight. While deciding on depilation and what hair removal technique we would proceed with, we take into consideration factors such as our needs, discomfort during the procedure and potential effects. What most people forget about is whether our skin is ready to endure the process of depilation, especially when psoriasis is concerned.


Laser hair removal. For whom and what you should know about it?

Laser hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal. Thanks to it, you can enjoy smooth skin for a long time and forget about a razor or epilator. A lot of us can benefit from laser treatments. However, for some they will be more effective and for others less. To tell you who the best solution would be to use this method for, we've collected the questions you most often ask us:


Do you want to epilate at the salon, but you are afraid that it might be a risk to your health during a pandemic?

Please read the below text to find out why at Easy Waxing you can feel safe and use all the hair removal methods available without hesitation.

High hygienic standards and the safety of our clients and personnel are our priority.


Face depilation – not only the upper lip

Men’s scruff or even beards are a regular thing, and lately it is considered trendy. Women’s scruff, however… used to be a reason for insecurities. Today, thankfully, there are many methods to depilate the entire face, not only the upper lip.

Face depilation includes the previously mentioned upper lip, as well as hair removal from the areas of the temples, around the eyebrows (however, it is not the same as eyebrow waxing!), cheeks, chin, and even the eye area. When the client shows up at Easy Waxing in Warsaw or Wrocław and asks for a face depilation, we always want to clarify which parts of the face are of interest; as you can tell from what was said here, it is not always just the upper lip.


Back depilation – a modern whim?

Depilating underarms, legs, or bikini by yourself does not require any great skills. However, trying to depilate your own back can – literally - break your back! Someone else’s help is required. So, what do?

Good news: depilating your back is not obligatory, but if the hair overgrows the body, it does become a necessity mainly for hygienic and aesthetic reasons (which concern women and athletes in the most part.) While some may see lush hair on the torso as a reason for pride, just as lush hair on the back can cause embarrassment.



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