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Why should athletes remove hair?

It is easy to see that athletes make sure that their bodies are perfectly smooth. And it’s not just about fashion for complete hair removal. Because hair on the body can directly affect athletic performance.


Epilation and swimming

More and more swimmers, professional and amateur, undergo depilation treatments. What is the phenomenon of removing unwanted hair? How does it affect the results? For what reasons has epilating become a duty for swimmers?


Epilation as a popular treatment among cyclists and triathletes

Certainly many people wonder why cyclists and triathletes opt for epilation. Is it about aesthetic considerations, and maybe about air resistance while cycling? This is very true, but that’s not all. It is also about regeneration and trauma in this sport. Epilation facilitates massages and skin penetration of active ingredients in the form of creams or depilation gels. It is extremely important when falling, as it has a huge impact on the easy and effective dressing of wounds and cuts.


Targeting the bikini

Targeting the bikini This year’s beach season will be open in a few months, but it’s worth taking a look at the beauty of the bikini area. Bluntly. We present the whole truth about how to care for this area of the body attracting attention.

The all mother Eve, who was the first one to wear the outfit that was named „bikini” in the XX century (in honour of the pacific atoll, where a hydrogen bomb was detonated), did not worry about ingrown hairs or obtaining a sufficiently smooth skin surface after depilation. Times have changed, as well as customs. Currently, bikini is the most popular type of beach outfit. Therefore, the bottom of the body, covered only with a small triangle made of fabric, should be well-groomed so that it will be close to pedantry.


When hair removal is a necessity

There are situations, in which hair removal must be performed. Indications for his cosmetic surgery can be diverse: from aesthetic to medical. We have prepared a short guide, when, how and why to remove unwanted hair.

We mostly depilate for aesthetic reasons: we do not tolerate hairy legs in women and – more an more often – excessively overgrown torso in men. Hair removal for health indications has its deep justification: hair on the body create ideal conditions for the deposition of pollutants from the environment and which are the remnants of body fluids. In such an environment, the undesirable microorganisms develop in an exemplary fashion. And nobody wants those on the body.


Cennik depilacji w Warszawie i we Wrocławiu - od czego zależy cena bikini w Easy Waxing?

Cena depilacji bikini jest zależna od głębokości do jakiej usuwane są włoski oraz wybranej metody depilacji. W Easy Waxing usuwamy włoski z okolic intymnych za pomocą wosku miękkiego, wosku twardego, pasty cukrowej oraz wosku Lycon. Każda z metod jest odpowiednia dla różnych rodzajów skóry. Osoby, które nie mają problemów mogą korzystać z tańszej i skutecznej depilacji woskiem miękkim. Osoby z delikatną i naczynkową skórą powinny skorzystać z depilacji pastą cukrową. W przypadku gdy włoski są bardzo krótkie polecamy trochę droższą, ale najbardziej w tym przypadku skuteczną depilację Lyconem. 


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