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Prepare the skin for the summer - home body care before and after depilation.

In the summer, our skin is particularly susceptible to dryness. This condition is conducive to irritation, also during depilation. So let's think about how to take care of it now, so that during a warm period you are not afraid that it will lose its firmness, become more susceptible to microdamages and other unpleasant consequences.


Permanent, or durable, make-up

It is performed once and for all. Although the technique can be associated with the performance of a tattoo, it is not a make-up for life. Rather for several years. It is certainly an ideal solution for people who do not have the desire or time to reach for cosmetics on the daily basis, to carefully draw lines on the eyelids and the lips, rainbow decorate the eyelids just to was hall of this in several hours and to begin the same process of painting again the next day.  


Plain and waterproof make-up

Cry-babies should not perform plain makeup, waterproof cosmetics make the lashes fall out, and the permanent makeup is better than normal – these are only examples of truths, half-truths and myths about different types of makeup. We reveal the truth about each of them. In this episode: a plain make-up. 


Acids are different. Which is the best for you?

If you think that the beautician during the exfoliation treatment will use the same acid on your oily skin she has applied on the dry skin of your best friend, you are wrong. The category of the applied exfoliating preparation is important: both for the safety of the skin, and the effectiveness of operation. We explain why this happens.


The whole truth about the safety of spray tanning

The entry, which you are reading, was created to explain why spray tanning is considered to be the safest and the healthiest, it indeed is – on condition that for this treatment you use certified products, such as SunFX used in our salons, containing the purest DHA.


Bump eRaiser – Australian solution for the ingrown hair

We will make you happy: we have recently introduced for sale the cosmetics of the renowned Australian brand Bump eRaiser, thanks to which you can effectively fight with the ingrown hair. Those who have already been using these products previously are certainly happy now, because they know that because of them you can forget about this problem. Others will most probably become fans of this brand after the first use.  




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